The singularity…

The Singularity

Definition, well, it’s the state, fact, quality or condition of being singular. In the physics and mathematics realm, it takes on a more interesting interpretation. It is defined as the point at which a function (something) takes an infinite value. “How is this of importance?” one might ask, well, with the way our intellect is increasing, we are approaching a time when we will become “singular”. As Ray Kurzweil says, “From the moment we picked up a stick to reach fruit that was too high to reach by hand in a tree, we have been creating and using devices to help us get to “some point”.
This is when things get interesting! Many devices have been made over the years and most if not all have all wanted the “top spot” for getting us to this “point” singularity talks about. Genetics, Nanotechnology and Robotics are the fields that are basically pioneering our nearing this point with research showing that it is now possible to “modify” DNA as you would a song to make it sound better.
Back to the singularity, if you’re alive and reading this, you probably know how smartphones have become drugs! Yes, DRUGS! However, there are good drugs and bad drugs. The terminology “good” and “bad” being largely based on the usage. Cyborgs (short for cybernetic organisms), yes! I said cyborgs, is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Where on earth is this going? Hmmm…. Well, think about it this way, if your smartphone, which is as powerful as a 70’s supercomputer, is considered “part of you” does that not make you a cyborg? If the ability to get almost every bit of information available to man is but a ‘tappity tap tap’ away, are we not “robots”?
Okay, so maybe we’re not robots…..YET! But, there have been advancements in artificial intelligence that suggest that we will be able to engineer fully functioning robots that are capable of doing everything we can if not more. There have also been advancements in the ability to view what is happening in our minds using devices we have created. What does this mean, well simply put, at some point we probably won’t need to pull a smartphone from our pockets, we could basically get it from the “cloud” using our minds. This might sound bad, but it really isn’t because it means we’ll be smarter and capable of solving many of life’s humps and bumps so many of us encounter. What I consider bad about this is that we cannot comprehend infinity and as such have no way of knowing what the outcome of all our advancements will be.
This brings us to the ethics part. For the modification of genes, there has to be some sort of agreement between people of all nations and some sort of governing body. This would mean that the human race would evolve to a “different being” and as such new parameters on acceptable conduct would have to be set. This would raise questions about religion and politics, topics generally best avoided in public or social settings, and how to try and “unify” our beliefs and views towards ourselves and each other.
The Bible says, in Revelations, that at the end of days, the beast will come and exalt (it)self (this is me trying to be politically correct) over everything that is referred to as a deity by all religion and will render all other religions mute. Hmmmmm…..
Often I come across things that paint pictures as the one I’ve tried to paint above and I sometimes feel like ignorance is bliss!
But sometimes knowledge can set you free and if this is knowledgeable, well you decide what to so with it

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