In between MA and PhD

It happened, I am not sure when. I find myself traversing an ocean of doubts. There is a quality of being lost that frays at me. The doubt waves lapping and wearing me thin. Each wave pushing and pulling me somewhere. In what direction, to what location, I know not.

People are oft drowned by their doubts, overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of them. But there is a miniscule resilient piece of me, which holds that to be human is to be part God. The half of me which is mortal and exhausted wishes desperately to succumb to career oblivion, where work is toil in exchanged for solely monetary value. The demi-god, however, will not. This piece of being human is an inextinguishable passion akin to an eternal flame and I know that given time, recovering my agency and direction, I shall swim to the shore of PhD and conquer.

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