How to stay motivated


At times, it is difficult for even the most motivated of people, to work through the monumental drudgery that afflicts you after a certain time period – seemingly endless – in Postgraduate. Your days flow past you like monotonous waves that never attain high tide status, and the rock that was your motivation is been slowly worn away with the relentless lapping of a dull and tedious work load. I am not saying that this is how you feel all of the time, but I think this is a state that most postgrads can relate to, apart from a highly enviable minority.


This Postgraduate slump can manifest with symptoms such as irritability, constant fatigue, restlessness, tiredness, unproductivity and the ultimate dread- writer’s block. I will confess to feeling some of these symptoms at various points of my postgrad. There are some days were all the symptoms merge and culminate into a sort of hopeless listlessness. These are some of the effective combative methods I have used.


  1. If you don’t feel like it, don’t! There are some days were you can force yourself into productivity and others were you stare aimlessly at your computer screen. If you believe that you may be having a day such as the latter, just go do your thing! What I mean by your thing is, that thing you enjoy, whether it’s listen to music, podcasts, 9gag, hiking, knitting, archery etc. In other words that thing that is a hobby, but also relaxing.
  2. Sometimes you need more than a day. Sometimes I found for the more extreme bouts of postgrad listlessness I would need a week. Just take care that you don’t fall into a bad routine, were you struggle to get back into work. I find a week is usually a good break and often can re-inspire you to work, anything longer and I start developing bad routines.
  3. Exercise a couple of times a week! I actually find that this sometimes helps me have sufficient break midday, without disrupting productivity, but providing a break and refreshment.
  4. Eat right most of the time. Eat veggies and tons of protein. It helps with concentration and you just feel happier when healthy. But every now and again eating a big bag of chips, a box of biscuits, and a slab of chocolate, while drinking milo with minuscule marshmallows makes you feel better to. Have those days guilt free when they do happen and saddle up and soldier on tomorrow.
  5. Don’t totalize! It just doesn’t help!
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