The Five Uncommon Habits Of Highly Productive People

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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones ― Confucius

Accomplishing a big goal—like writing a thesis requires consistency: making a habitof chipping away at your ‘mountain’ every day is a powerful and sure way achieving your goal.

So how does one make productivity a habit? Lauren Moon suggests five steps which highly productive people use: Firstly, make timeboxes. Timeboxes are partitioned periods of time in your day which you devout to your goal. This has a two-fold effect: it forces you to set apart time for your task (rather than procrastinating) and also limits the amount of hours you have to accomplish your goal (which forces one to cut out the superfluous tasks).

Secondly, Lauren Moon proposes giving yourself grace when you fall short. It is vital to understand that there are times where you will fall short—and that this should not lead to defeatism. Acknowledge that you did not meet your goals for that week, address the issues which caused it as best you can, and move on!

Thirdly, create margins for your timeboxes. No plan is perfect, hence the need for creating margins—preventing one unfortunate contingency from disrupting your schedule.

Another essential habit to nurture is to that of a balanced day: we have needs which extend beyond just writing our thesis. Make a point of getting out and about with your friends and family, enjoy a run or some physical activity so that you can return to your task with a fresh perspective as well as more energy.

Lastly, Lauren Moon suggests visualizing your finish line for each day. This is something which top athletes do: it helps you focus, be motivated, be prepared, and thus conquer your mountain.


Moon, L. (2015, June 4). The Five Uncommon Habits Of Highly Productive People. Trello.

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