New, improved step-by-step guide!

Not only are our SMARTmaties helpful, clever and smart, but they are also pretty creative too! Edith Waserfall, a third year graphic design student at the University and a SMARTMatie created a brand new, hip and funky logo for the Library's step-by-step guide.

It's original, it's fun and it's created by a SMARTmatie. So check out the guide's fresh new look and use it whenever you get a new assignment. It's helpful, it's free and easily accessible. And remember, to open your InetKey when using it on campus. Also, you don't even need to come to the bib or be on campus to use it, you can even lie in bed with your cup of coffee (or glass of wine), still in PJ's with your messy hair and dirty socks, and still use this guide! No judgement.

Check it out here and soon you'll be like a Smartie too! Hey, who knows? You could possibly join the team next year with your new skills! 


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Introducing the SMARTmaties for 2014!

On 28 January 2014 the JS Gericke Library welcomed seventeen new student assistants to the team, with five from 2013 staying on! These student assistants are the friendly faces clad in blue who man the helpdesks in the Learning Commons and on the open floors of the upper and lower levels of the library.

Smarties 2014

SMARTmaties 2014!

Each and every student assistant is glad to be given this opportunity to help our fellow students, and we will help you all to the best of our abilities.

So never be shy or afraid to ask, our primary job is to be of assistance to you.

Remember, we are helping you to empower yourselves!










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Want to be a Smartie? Application closing date extended.

You wanted to apply for the position as a Smartie and then you realised it’s 4 October an you haven’t made a move yet. No fear, the closing date for applications has been extended to 11 October 2013.

For more information go to:

If you think you’ve got it then go for it, and if you know of people who would be perfect for it, then spread the word!

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Student Assistants required for 2014

Be part of the SMARTIES in 2014!

Ever looked at the SMARTmaties and thought, "Ahh, I also want to be one of them"? If you have, now's your chance to be a part of the Smarties family.






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Library Orientation 2013

At the beginning of 2013 before the academic year began there was daily orientation within  the JS Gericke Library for an entire week. This orientation included a library tour and useful information for the new students which will carry them through both their undergraduate and postgraduate years. Check out the YouTube video of one of this year’s tours and you may even spot yourself or one of the friendly student assistants working in the library, whilst learning some useful information about the library.


Student Orientation 2013

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Printing in the Bib

The Safecom printing system has been experiencing instability over the past few weeks due to unforeseen technical problems. Many students have been seriously affected by these problems. Here are some hints and tips to that may improve the printing procedure. Continue reading

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Need help with assignments? Our step-by-step guides will help make your life easier!


An easy to follow step-by-step guide to help you through your assignments!

Struggling with your assignment? Wishing you had some help right at your computer whether at home or on campus? Well, look no further than the Library’s website. A step-by-step guide to find and use your information effectively is available to all registered students at Stellenbosch University at the click of a mouse!

The step-by-step guide lays out a five step process to help you complete your assignments. Often you complete one step and then move on to the next. However, our step-by-step guide allows you to return to the previous step or use the various steps simulateneously.

You can find this helpful step-by-step guide at (remember to open your Inetkey beforehand):

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Welcoming your newly appointed Student Assistants for 2013!

Introducing the new SMARTmaties!

On 28 January 2013 twenty-one new student assistants started working in the JS Gericke Library at the Information Desks and the Help Desk in the Learning Commons.

Student Assistants 2013

SMARTmaties for 2013!

We are all excited to have started this new venture as Student Assistants and look forward to meeting many more of you, offering our assistance where needed and where possible.

Never be shy or afraid to ask for help because as student assistants our primary job is to help our fellow students at Stellenbosch University.

We want to help you to empower yourselves!

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Student Assistants required for 2013

Be part of the SMARTIES in 2013!

Ever wanted to be a SMARTmatie?  If you have the IT-skills required to be a student assistant in the JS Gericke Library, this is your chance!



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Die bib in jou broeksak

Om dit biblioteek te besoek, was nog nooit so maklik nie!

(Scroll down for the English Version of this post)

Gebruik jou selfoon om toegang tot die biblioteek se webtuiste vir selfone te kry.  Gebruik dit om:

  • Akademiese materiaal te vind
  • Onderwerpspesifieke bronne en dienste te vind
  • Antwoorde op gereelde vrae te kry
  • ‘n Biblioteek te vind
  • Op hoogte te bly van die nuutste biblioteeknuus en -gebeure

Besoek die biblioteek se webtuiste vir selfone by


The Library in your pocket

Visiting the library has never been so easy!

You can now use your cellphone to access the library’s mobile site. Use it to:

  • Find scholarly materials
  • Find subject-specific resourses and services
  • Have your FAQs answerd
  • Find a library
  • Get the latest library news and events

Visit the library’s mobile site now on

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