Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered how to find a book online or physically? Don't know how to book a discussion room? Struggling to load printing credits? Not sure how to change your password?

Don't worry! Here are our most frequently asked questions and links to help you find the answers.

1. How do I find books (online and physically)? ⇒  Check out this video:

2. How many books can I take out of the library? ⇒  Click this link to find out:

3. How much credits does it cost to copy, print or scan? ⇒ Here is the price list:

4. How do I book a discussion room? ⇒ Book a discussion room here:

5. How do I change my password? ⇒ Use this link and click on "Password":

6. How do I set up wifi printing? ⇒ Click on "Wifi printing" to start your setup:

7. How do I load internet/printing credits? ⇒ Check out this link:

For more information, keep an eye on our plasma screens or ask the student assistants! laugh


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Elbie van Wyk is the Learning Commons Manager.

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