Bianca’s experience as a student assistant

Student Assistant’, it’s all in the name right? We assist students . . . but that is not all it is and it is happily so. We assist everyone from Doctors, to professors, to school children, to visitors, international students and of course students. I love to help, but just like everyone else, us student assistance are human and we make mistakes, but that’s where our colleagues shine. I’ve always had a helping hand and a cheerful chuckle to lift my day.

I soon learnt, especially in the learning commons, that two heads really work better than one. My favorite moment so far is when a colleague and I were like one person with four arms. Simultaneously checking-in earphones, handing over keys to the discussion rooms whilst helping various people at the information desk. Something you feel you might only read about in Greek mythology perhaps, but I got to experience it. That’s the best part, the experiences, the knowledge you get to share and the minds that you get to ease. If you’re reading this, know that we are not only forced here to help, but that we want to help. Being a student assistant has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date!

About Elbie

Elbie van Wyk is the Learning Commons Manager.
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